Original Works Available for Sale

All of these original works are avail for purchase either via online communication or via in person viewing at my studio gallery or a local exhibition.  Please contact me to view  and purchase in person or to purchase to be shipped.

Catigula 2018 Acrylic on deep canvas 20”x24”x2" By Stephanie Perry $800

Bison Study 2020 Acrylic on deep canvas 6"x6”x2" $250

Fox in the hen house (the story of capitalism) 2020 Oil on raised birch 30”x24” By Stephanie Perry $900

Humpback Reborn 2018 Acrylic on canvas By Stephanie Perry 12"x12" $200

I miss you on the coast 2019 Acrylic on canvas (Framed) 6x6” By Stephanie Perry $100

I miss you in Fraser 2019 Acrylic on canvas (Framed) 6x6” By Stephanie Perry $100

Imagine: Portrait of a Peacemaker 19.5"x 19.5"x 2" Acrylic on canvas By Stephanie Perry $400

Naramata Falls 2 2020 Acrylic on Deep Canvas 14”x14”x2” By Stephanie Perry $250

Naramata Falls 3, 2020 Acrylic on Deep Canvas 12”x24”x2” By Stephanie Perry $300

Night Falls in the North, 2020 19.5"x19.5"x2" acrylic on deep canvas $400

Quail Mandala 2020 19.5"x19.5"x2" Acrylic on deep canvas $400 By Stephanie Perry

Qualicum by night 2015 24"x16" acrylic on canvas $175 By Stephanie Perry

The Sinews of the Earth hold up the moon 18”x18”x2” Acrylic and Resin on deep Birch $400 By Stephanie Perry

The Journey was wrought with perils 2020 Acrylic and resin on deep birch 8"x16"x2” By Stephanie Perry $375

Little Church in Big Sky country(red kite painting) 2019 Oil on canvas 24”x48” $800 Having lived in Alberta for 10 plus years I had the opportunity to see a few “tiny churches “ scattered across the rural country side. They are a beautiful, quaint and adorable architectural delight when you come across one. The divinity not necessarily being inside them but all around them in the expanse of the foothills of Alberta.

Green Swallows and the Golden Sun 2018 Acrylic on canvas 24"x12" By Stephanie Perry $400

What's mine is yours 2020 (Framed) oil on canvas 20"x16” By Stephanie Perry $700 Magpie and his wife supped on Rainier cherries and made a family in the pines nearby. Life was good and simple and the cherries were plentiful. Soon their young would also sup and they too would squawk how life was good and simple. They took no head of the humans who shuttered themselves in their homes. They were pleased as punch that they did.

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